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SOP Essay

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1. Concept. DHA is on the verge of development. Only four phases are fully developed and six more phases are in developing stage or under developed. For future development extensive construction and civil work is required. Construction and civil work till today is being out sourced to out side companies which are charging very high. Contractors blackmail on time, money and quality.
2. DHA Company can perform all construction and maintenance tasks on its own whereby giving a high financial benefit to DHA. Beside financial aspect quality can be ensured by own construction company. The construction company can also work for projects other than DHA and can earn revenue and profit.
3. Services it can provide:-
a. Infrastructural development work
b. Roads
c. Electricity
d. Sewerage
e. Water Supply
f. Storm Water Drain
g. Over Head Water Tanks
4. The Road Map. As we know that the construction equipment, machinery and other recourses are very expensive. Specialist human recourses could not immediately be acquired or trained so it is recommended to build the construction company is three phases:-
a. Phase I. Infrastructure development to include roads, sewerages, strong water drains etc.
b. Phase II . Building Works to include houses, mosques, shops, etc. Orders from the residence of DHA for residential construction.
c. Phase III Electrical / Telecommunication Services to include electrical / fibre optic cable laying, installation of electrical poles etc.
5. DHA Construction Company is recommended to be established on lines of a Private Construction Company due to the following reasons:-
a. Private construction company is smart infrastructure with heavy working capacity in minimum possible time through minimum number of channels.
b. Sense of ownership and quick decision making.
c. DHA Construction company will cater for all DHA infrastructural building and maintenance projects.
d. The company will operate as an independent commercial...

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