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Sorry Cant Essay

  • Submitted by: purplespots7
  • on February 25, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Something more?
Ignorance is bliss. Sometime along the line however we need to face the facts. Why are we here? What are we living for? So many questions unanswered.
We all get a chance at life. Some lives obviously better than others. Our lives could be filled with happiness and pleasure or with sadness and grief. Unfortunately we often don’t get the choice in the circumstances of our life.
When we hear this, that our life is a matter of chance, an obvious question comes to mind.   Is that all? Is your life based on the roll of a dice? The majority of us live materialistic lives. Idolising what isn’t necessarily important. Things such as money and power. We live for gain. We work for a reward. We strive to make things better for ourselves, things such as new computers, televisions etc. Is this the way we should be living? Why are we like this? The birds don’t make bigger and better nests each year and they don’t get paid for building them. Neither do any other living creatures. We, as humans live differently. In a world where all we want is a prize for our endeavours. What do you really get for your hard work? There simply has to be more to live for than a new car. Something of real importance.
Many of us had heard this before and ask the simple question ‘Why should we need to bother looking for more, we are happy to live our life and die when the time comes.’
We need to remember, many people struggle in this life. We need to think about them. Walking through the streets we see other people everywhere. They can’t all be as fortunate. Some have lost family, are suffering from sickness, are financially unstable and more. Suicide is an obvious point. It occurs because people aren’t looking at the future or at what more could exist for them. Suicide rates in 2007 that were recorded alone made up a percentage of 21% of deaths for males fewer than thirty five.   Or going even further out, what about those overseas sitting in a mud hut without education, health and...

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