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Sources Essay

  • Submitted by: studentwash
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: History
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This image depicts the Dawes Severalty Act. The Dawes Act essentially allowed Natives to buy land if they were willing to convert to more “civilized” ways. It was enacted in hopes of pulling the natives from their tribal communities and throwing them into a nationalized society. As a result of this act, Indian reservations shrank and also land meant for Indians was frequently bought by whites.
Document B
This quote from Chief Satanta demonstrates the heartbreak that many Native Americans felt when seeing their land being taken over by Americans. In this period, Native American lands were disturbed, their livelihoods were disrupted, and the people began to lose their culture.
Document C
The map here shows the different areas of the country that began to be traveled to by whites beginning in certain years. Trails and railroads during this time inevitably passed through native lands that in some cases had previously been protected by treaties. These treaties were tossed aside and hardly recognized by American settlers.
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This is a 1912 photograph of children standing in front of the Tulalip Indian School’s girls’ dormitory building. Since Native Americans were being forced to become more like “proper” Americans, their children around this time were sent to...

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