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Southern Baptist Convention Essay

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  • on December 4, 2008
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The Southern Baptist (SBC) is a denomination in the United States that is a mostly conservative Christian denomination.   It gets the name Southern from the fact that it was founded and rooted in the south.   The Southern Baptist Convention became a separate denomination in 1845 when there was a regional split with northern Baptists over the issue of slavery. Although slavery was the main reason why the northern and southern Baptists split, there were three other key reasons to why they split as well. Also many economical, social and theological issues dealing with slavery caused the two regional sects of the Baptist denomination to split.
In the early seventeenth century many early Baptists came to the colonies from England. The oldest Baptist church in the South was the First Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and was organized in 1632. Throughout the early part of the eighteenth century a few more Baptist churches were formed in the colonies of Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. By 1740, there were around eight Baptist churches in these three colonies and consisted of around four hundred members. In Virginia and most of the other Southern colonies before the Revolution, the Anglican Church was the official religion of the state and was supported by general taxes. This made it difficult for the rapid spread of the Baptist faith in the South.
Before the beginning of the highly contested slavery issue, slaveowners allowed their slaves a substantial amount of freedom in religious services. This would be the only real freedom in which most slaves ever benefitted from. After 1830 most slaveowners started to become suspicious of the religious activities their slaves were performing. This started a trend that saw many masters insist their slaves go to a white service. Many laws were passed stating that African Americans could not preach.
Many early Baptist and Methodist evangelicals in the South before the American Revolution promoted the view...

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