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Southern Desperation Essay

  • Submitted by: runtrack735
  • on December 5, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Southern Desperation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The document “Southern Desperation” was written in December of 1860, by William Lloyd Garrison, a white northern abolitionist author of many abolitionist papers and articles. Garrison wrote the document when many southern states were outraged by the election of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who many thought favored to abolish slavery. Abraham Lincoln’s election forced many Southern States to secede from the union although Lincoln     never spoke against abolishing slavery. Many arguments between the North and South were   over slavery, however the South argued mostly for state’s rights, opposing the institutionalized government that they felt was in favor of the north. Many in the South believed that they     should control their own ways of living, and that government would eventually impede on     their ability to trade slaves and own slaves, ruining King Cotton, and their main economic output. With Abraham Lincoln’s presidency imminent, the South’s threat of seceding became a bigger threat. Garrison wrote the document “Southern Desperation” in hopes that people would realize that it was the South’s last attempt to keep slavery as part of their economy. Any   historian should read this article because it reveals the thoughts of many abolitionists and how they felt about Abraham Lincoln becoming president as well as the threats made by the Southern States.
When first viewing the document you must look at who is the Audience in this article. William Lloyd Garrison is a well educated Northern abolitionist who wishes to end slavery once and for all. In this document you see well articulated thoughts and sentences, making it seem that the audience Garrison was searching for were the wealthy, well educated men in the North. This

article was not meant to be read by anyone from the South since the South is almost unfixable at this point. Garrison tries to win an audience that will support the new president, as well as an audience who is open to the idea of no slavery...

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