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the space between Essay

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The Space Between

The two main characters of this story are shown through different parts of the book. The first main character that you are shown in the book is Jace Antonakos. He is a 18 year old who has one thing on mind; sex. He goes to México with his mother, aunt (who paid for this trip) and his autistic brother. On the plan ride there he see’s two people that later on become major character in this book, a blonde girl. And a college hockey player named Connor Macpherson. Later on when they settle in there hotel in México he goes to the beach where he finds out the blond girls name, which happens to be Kate. Jace is physically attracted to her, but doesn’t know quite what to say to her. During the second day of there vacation Jace takes his brother Lucas to the ocean. There Lucas was being fussy when Jace had told him its time to leave, and he loses his trousers. To Jace’s relief it was found by no one other than Kate. They have a conversation which Jace feel more attractive to her. Days after Jace takes a cruise around the country thinking that Kate would come, but she doesn’t, instead it was the jock Connor Macpherson. Jace never really liked Connor at first, but as the day went on, he realized that he wasn’t the big headed hockey player he thought he would be. He even had told Connor is goal for the week. They came and became good friends after that. Connor invited him to go cliff jumping. He hit his head of the cliff and went unconscious; Connor was there to save his life. Jace was told to take a day off, and Connor went to see him everyday. Then one day, Jace had told Connor about his brother Stefan (who had committed suicide). After you hear Jace telling his brothers story to Connor, you feel that Stefan is a important role in this story. The setting of this book is in the country of México. The book takes place around our timeline which is between 2000-2008. There are many characters in this story. There are Jace, his mother, Cynthia, Lucas, pop,...

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