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Spade - Dawn Of Dementia Essay

  • Submitted by: dfirmliz173
  • on January 17, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Below is an essay on "Spade - Dawn Of Dementia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This is a review concerning spade's debute album Dawn of Dementia,first of all,I'd like to say this album is one of jordans few display of talent, Music-wise and devotionwise, probably the second biggest thing since augury's debute,The Genre of the music is hard to categorise,its torn somewhere between the american style of thrash (pantera,machinehead...) and european power metal melody (blind guardien,judas priest...), however what its not torn between is that this album is a mixed bag containing everything from opethlike durges to neo-metallica riffage

1 - Monarchs army : One hell of an into,gives us a glimps of what to expect in the album,its a complex track full of coordination,complex song writing, but maybe a bit too over the top with the thrashy parts,solos are nice,I dunno who wrote them,the first one sounds like khaled saadi style,while the other is probabll tutanji's solo,nontheless,both are done excellently,its probably the most defining song of the bands style

2 - Hell is my Home : The bands first work I remember, been spun around and changed so much but still maintains its base,a killer thrash song,however the downpoint of the song is it might be too "chunky",spade play with the momentum every few minutes in the song,that isnt bad,but it kinda ruin the climex of the song sometimes,solo's are unarguably amazing,you can feel they have been worked on from the soul,the outro of the song is powerfull,this sound should have had the album title

3 - Infernal moonlight : thrash,thrash,thrash, a song built to be played live,the only con in the song is that tutanji's vocals dont shine, the thrash style of singing isnt built for this asshole, I'd rather he used his talent on singing then growling because its a shame to shun his voice away,not the best song in the album,but a good song to listen to nontheless

4 - Delerium : A thrash metal anthem, on of my favourites in the album, it has the speed,the twisted riffs,the grinding ending and a wierd...

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