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Cost, schedule, and performance, these determine the design of the system.   If the cost of the system is too great then we will have to downgrade parts of the system.   If it takes too long to build the ultimate system, then we will have to change parts of the system.   If the system can’t handle the traffic needed, then we are going to have to make changes.   Also when designing a system we have to consider what software we are going to use, the hardware it is going to contain, what network could handle the traffic needed, and what interface is easy for employees to use.
In the stores we have our employees who use registers that are connected to a firewall and a server.   The registers tell the employees everything they need to know about the items in the store and the customers reward information.   The customers can use the internet to connect to our servers and find out information about their rewards points.   In corporate there are three different servers that are used for different things and the internet connects it all together.
When creating a new system for a company and move into the implementation stage of the project there are certain specific that are needed.   Which coding is going to be used: in house or off the shelf, how will it be tested?   How is the system documentation going to be used and how will it be installed and what training is going to be used.   Finally how will this system be supported and maintained, these items need to be answered before the system can be completed.

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