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Spidey Essay

  • Submitted by: phoenixkni
  • on March 3, 2011
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Year 2012 was the year when everything ended but rather ironically it was when our lives truly began. The earth is but a shell of its former self and we humans aren’t among the dominant anymore. No, we have fallen amongst the weak, far from the top, competing constantly with each other for survival. You see not counting the devastating natural disasters that followed shortly after the New Year; we [humans] encountered another problem, a “bigger” problem. Monsters: terrible, terrible, monsters. The kind that are considered to be creepy crawlers, the kind that slip into some of the darkest crevices of our own safety and make their home there, the kind that can live virtually in the harshest of environments. Spiders or to be more specific tarantulas we did find. Tarantulas no worry right? Bug spray will do the easy fix. But sadly no dice. These tarantulas resembled their counterparts but were maximized 1000 fold. They were huge, gigantic, monstrous looking creatures. They were stronger, faster, and had a much thirstier drive for hunger. But how did I become associated with these creatures; through my story of course.

As fate would have it, it was a few weeks into the Year of 2012 where my journey would begin. The weather was horrible in that it was raining twenty four seven and at the best of days gloomy and depressing. I was a handsome young man, tall and lean in muscle and from a rural town in Montana. I was currently out of state and working on my career. My new occupation was a researcher (field scientist) and my employer was myself. You see I hadn’t done much in my education and back in the old days I hadn’t the slightest clue of what career I would choose in the future. All I knew was that I wanted to get out of my home in Montana and I somehow abruptly landed here in this field after years of college studying invertebrates. It was a dull job or at least to me it was, maybe it was because of my lack of experience or maybe I just didn’t like the job; I always...

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