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Sport Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: angeloborbon
  • on September 30, 2013
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Guidance in Sport Psychology
For many Vancouver Olympics athletes, sports psychology is key to their success in the Olympics (Case 2010). There’s more to the life of an athlete that we see when they are playing on TV, their life is hard and stressful on the players we all love. This is where Sport Psychologist comes in to play. Sport Psychologist guide athletes to success by mentally preparing athletes to bounce back from an injury, manage the athletes stress and pressure, and make sure every decision that is made by the athlete is correct.
The Athlete wouldn’t come back strong from an injury without the advice and dedication of the psychologist working along side of them. The psychologist uses many methods on making sure the athlete is prepared well for return to the game. For example the psychologist use imagery during rehab, the athlete will run through plays, run, catch all in their minds. They also get to think outside of the box and have athletes do drills sitting down, maybe passing the ball and shooting to keep the athlete participating in the sport they play. An athlete with a sport psychologist would preform much better than an athlete without one.
Stress and pressure can make or break a person with a goal in sight it just takes on mess up to lose everything. Therefore sport psychologist have to make sure they keep athletes are keeping busy to keep them from stressing about thing reveling in their lives and the media. Writing “to do” lists, excursing, or doing things that increase eustress are used to help keep the athlete busy. Also, breathing techniques are put in place to help slow the heart rate and relax an athlete that is stressed out. With the help from the psychologist the player can focus more on one goal without the stress from other sources.
Getting lost in anything you do can end you up with nothing and loss of all your work you put it. Athletes need help with staying on track with deadlines and goals. A sport psychologist help set...

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