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Sports Hypnosis Improving Athletic Performance Essay

  • Submitted by: roscoepko
  • on July 28, 2008
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Sports Hypnosis Improving Athletic Performance
When I was younger, first starting out to play sports, I always had coaches tell me that the sport I was playing at the time was 80% mental and 20% physical. I always thought that was backwards until I got into high school and college sports. If you do not have your thoughts, motivations, determination, and mental goals into your sport, you get pulled out of your game. When a mental break down happens, the performance suffers and that is when some athletes turn to sports psychology and/or hypnosis for a little extra help. Sports hypnotists differ from psychologists because they work directly with the subconscious part of the brain, which controls behaviors, so change with hypnosis is often rapid (Surrey, n.d.). Through hypnosis a therapist can create an environment in the subconscious mind where stress and relaxation cannot coexist concurrently (Geier, 2007). The Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP, n. d.), which is the recognized body for the science of applied sport psychology, now lists hypnosis as one of the nine modalities it endorses for enhancing performance in athletes (MindQuest, n.d.). Outcomes of hypnosis try to enhance important individual dynamics such as intensity, focus, consistency, concentration and anxiety control, and to enhance team dynamics (Tabbs, 2007). The definition of hypnosis is “a state like sleep in which the subject acts only on external suggestion” (“Hypnosis”, 1998). This mental procedure can change the way people feel, think, and behave. Sports hypnosis can improve athletic and intellectual performance and can help to “think away” pain.
Sports hypnosis for athletes is becoming more and more popular in all sports. The sports hypnosis sessions are a highly effective way to help athletes improve mental focus, tune out all distractions, and visualize the outcome they desire. Through hypnosis a therapist can access and guide the outcome to a response, so that...

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