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Sports Marketing Essay

  • Submitted by: wedad
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Apple’s Questionnaire

      Apple inc is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. We are conducting a survey to get a better understanding of our customers. Please fill out this survey by checking off the answer that suite you best and hand it in, as soon as possible. Thank you! (

  1. What gender are you?

          o Male

          o Female

  2. What age group do you fall under?

        o 10-16

        o 17-23

        o 24-30

        o 31 +

  3. How often do you surf the web and watch T.V?

          o 1 hour a day

          o 1-3 hours a day

          o 4-6 hours a day

          o Over 6 hours

  4. How often are you on the internet?

    o 30 mins a day

    o 1 hour a day

    o 1-3 hours a day

    o Over 3 hours

  5. What magazines do you read?

    o Byte magazine

    o Newspeak

    o Time

    o Other__________

  6. How would you rate apples online site apple.com?

    o Good

    o Fair

    o Bad

  7. Have you ever attended an electronic entertainment show?

    o Yes

    o No

  8. How many electronics do you own?

          o 1-2

          o 2-3

          o 4-10

          o 10-15

  9. Where do you mainly buy your electronic entertainment devices?

    o Bestbuy

    o Futureshop

    o Apple

    o Other___________

  10. What type(s) of cell phone do you own?

    o Iphone

    o Blackberry

    o LG

    o Other__________

  11. What type(s) of computer do you own?

    o Hp

    o Apple

    o Sony

    o Other__________

  12. What type(s) of mp3 players do you own

    o Sony

    o Samsung

    o Apple ipod

    o Other__________

  13. How many Apple products do you own or have you owned?

    o None

    o 1-2

    o 2-3

    o More then 3

  14. How satisfied were you with your apple products?...

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