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Sports Motivation Essay

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  • on July 10, 2015
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Sport Motivation
Lance Barkley
KN 250
Abstract #3

    Sport motivation
The four articles chosen for this assignment tie together the sub disciplines of Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Motor Development, and Motor Learning. The first two articles talk about the relationship of intrinsic motivation and its understanding of how sport motivation is associated with deliberate practice in youth team sport athletes. While the second two articles talk about muscle retention through the motor learning stages and being able maintain what you have learned. The first article, “Coach Autonomy support predicts autonomous motivation and daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and sedentary time in youth sport participants” was a study of 100 youth football players, and their perception of coaching behavior in relation to intrinsic motivation. The second article, “Intrinsic motivation and individual deliberate practice are reciprocally related” was a yearlong study of 150 thirteen year old boys, and their intrinsic motivation, in correlation to deliberate daily practice. The first article “Coach Autonomy” is based off the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). That motivation can be controlled to a certain point by social environments, and social behaviors. So by having a coach that is positive to the players and makes practices fun and engaging, the players are more intrinsically motivated to go to practice. It states that, “In order to maintain a demanding schedule of daily deliberate practice, without external rewards, high intrinsic motivation is not desirable.” The “Intrinsic Motivation” article kind of differs from the (SDT) Theory from the first article. This theory states that as kids get older they give up certain things they might not be as good at and specialize in things they are good at. They found that intrinsic motivation correlates with deliberate practice and vice versa. Stating that the more you practice something you...

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