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Sports Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: angelsailas
  • on March 7, 2013
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1. Give examples of good and bad leadership based on your own
  experiences or observations, and analyze them in terms of the four
  levels of engagement described by Jim Loehr.

-A good leadership example that I have experienced was my supervisor at my current job.   He is always very informative and lets all his employees know how they are performing.   His guidance was very helpful for me because I was entering the field as an engineer and need as much help as I could get at the time.   He drew from the mental, emotional, and spiritual level of engagement by pressing on the education and setting goals for me to improve and expand my abilities in a new field.   He also did not overdue any element by setting obtainable goals which would push me beyond my current level to expand my level of working abilities; which is Loehr’s second and third principle.   The last principle is to maintain high performance by positive energy rituals.   This is the only area where I can say my boss is lacking.   His only encouragement came in the form of a verbal positive gratification, which was often undertone in a slight sarcastic tone.   He knows how to set obtainable goals which are at the highest level that may currently possible, however his downfall to obtaining full engagement is that he does not allow for complete positive energy which is essential.   He is however much better that my previous boss who would always give the negativity associated with bad leadership.   He would always diminish the positive feeling an employee would have and also press on the mistakes made without any positive reinforcement when a good job is done.   This makes for a very harsh and bad style of leadership.

2. Choose two theories of competitive anxiety and contrast how well they do in explaining a real-life example of anxiety in sports (based on your experience or observations).

-Somatic anxiety is the anxiety experienced by athletes and is commonly the cause of such things as...

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