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Sports Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: austinrazzz
  • on October 4, 2013
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Sports Psychology
Sports psychology has emerged as new aspect for many coaches and athletes trying to gain a competitive edge. This is simply because of its competitiveness through mental imagery, goal setting, mental toughness and focus and flow. Have you ever heard a coach say: “its ninety percent mental, ten percent physical”? This is especially true when tenths of a second separate a great athlete, from an average one. This new found art is being taken advantage of by athletes and coaches everywhere, looking to one up their opponents.
One of the most basic forms of sports psychology is goal setting. This is no secret, many people set goals for themselves, inside the sports world, or on the job market. As common as goal setting is, it’s a lost art and overlooked by many young athletes. This is a huge mistake, would you go on a voyage without any clear destination? You can be the hardest worker, but what are you working for without a clear end destination? Goal setting gives you a clear direction and an idea of what you have to do to get there. It tells you the things you have to implement to achieve success and the things you have to cut out to remove distractions. Goal setting also shows you where to concentrate your efforts and in the end gives you a long term vision.
Another great tool used to elevate mental game is mental imagery, or visualization. The concept of visualization is that; “seeing is believing”. The effects can be positive, or negative,

                                                                                                                                      Rasmussen 2
depending on how you visualize. This is practiced by athletes on the Olympic level, all the way to the high school level. I am a firm believer in mental imagery; it has played a significant role in many of my successes. “It all comes from the mind. I’ve seen some of the most incredible success stories….because someone had a dream and it was so powerful, no...

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