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Sports Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: ksrowe
  • on October 31, 2010
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For this paper I have chosen the topic of sports psychology. I will describe the topic and then apply the topic to an example. I selected this topic because I play sports and I have always wondered what a sports psychologist does.
Sports Psychology: Mental Qualities
Many influences occur in an athlete’s life that affects his or her performance. They can be physical or mental influences, the priority in sports psychology is to overcome negative mental influences. There are four main mental qualities to help athletes perform at their fullest. These mental qualities are known as the four C’s: concentration, confidence, control, and commitment.
Concentration is the ability to focus on a certain task or goal. Different sports require different levels of concentration. Some sports such as golf, baseball, shooting, and cricket require short bursts of concentration. In tennis, distance running, cycling you have to sustain concentration much longer.   Athletes have to overcome distractions that effect concentration; including mistakes, fatigue, anxiety, weather, coaches, opponents, negative thinking, and many others. Strategies to improve concentration depend on the individual and sport. In baseball, the mental side of the game is very crucial. Each game requires concentration to be turned on and off multiple times. When walking up to bat the player must turn on full concentration, when sitting in the dugout the player can relax concentration temporarily. Six main elements are necessary for good concentration habits: knowing what cues to focus on, staying focused on those relevant cues, keeping a narrow and external focus, the ability to shift attention when needed, the ability to refocus when distracted, and controlling your thought process. Conquering all these elements will make any baseball player’s mental game much more superior compared to a player who hasn’t mastered the elements of concentration.
Confidence occurs when an athlete believes they can achieve...

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