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Sportsmanship Essay

  • Submitted by: cocobear
  • on December 8, 2008
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“Win or Lose”

Isn’t it funny to watch children play? At some point they will get into an argument over the game they are playing.   Losing is hard to understand when you are a child. When children lose at playing a game or do not desire to take turns playing with a toy, they will start crying because they can’t get their way.   The concept of I win and you lose, now it’s my turn; can’t be conceived by children.   Children don’t have the capacity to understand rules of the game. A child’s understanding of winning is very evident.     They understand what it means to win. The understanding becomes clearer when someone shows them praise. Children hear shouting and clapping, and everyone appears to be happy when they do something good.   Understanding the good feeling they received from praise, helps them to associate the action with winning.   Adults are often accused of the same childish acts.     This is all a part of “sportsmanship”. Sportsmanship is the ability to play by the rules and handle losing and winning graciously.  
The rules for all sports are set in place so there’s an even playing field.   If we’re playing baseball and you use an aluminum bat and I a wooden one, you would have the advantage.         Aluminum bats, of course are made out aluminum, which enables you the ability to hit the ball farther and harder.   Than using an ordinary bat made out of wood.   Therefore it’s only fair that both of us use one or the other.   Maybe we’re playing football where field goals are worth three points, but you want to get four points when you score a field goal.   It can’t happen.   It has to be the same score for both parties.   Let’s say were playing Uno.   The rule states if you don’t have the color played, you must draw from the pile.   If you have a wild or draw four cards however you must use it.   You drew cards although you had a wild card.   That’s breaking the rules. Suppose we were playing table tennis.   You hit the ball and it went off the edge without touching...

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