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Stalin Essay

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In 1928, Stalin wanted to improve the country’s economy by increasing its industrialization. In order for increased industrialization, an increase of productivity was in need. The first five-year plan Stalin implemented drastically increased the USSR's production of steel, electric power, machinery, and new industries. However, peasants, who were once farmers and now worked in factories, were frustrated since they were not prepared for their new way of life. These peasants were forced to work in the factories since new machinery had replaced them on the farms were they once worked. However, the new machinery helped to increase agricultural production since they were more efficient and effective. The larger collective farms that could afford the modern machinery were urged to act against the kulaks (rich peasant farmers). The kulaks refused to sell their excess grain and were forced to hand over their machinery in attempts to defy the government. The kulaks caused famine to sweep over the country. Since they had destroyed most of their crops, livestock and machinery, This caused the USSR’s economy to slow even more because it needed the agricultural produce to pray for needed industrial machinery. There was a brief recovery of the economy, due to great harvest in those years, and for the moment the Soviet agriculture had been made more efficient. However, the Soviets economy would soon start to decay again.

The war against Afghanistan had used up the nation’s resources and money. There was also increased strain on the economy due to high military spendings. An aging political leadership also contributed to the decay of the economy since it was unable to solve agricultural problems and the inability of inspiring the work force. In an attempt to encourage the productivity Yuri Andropov tried to scare the workers into increasing productivity.   After Andropov’s death, Chernenko failed to keep up Andropov’s scare tactic. After Chernenkos death, Gorbachev the new...

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