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Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research is a widely debated issue in today’s Biological field of study.

Stem Cell Research is the replacing of a damaged or destroyed embryo and replacing it

with a donor cell, one that is healthy and can fully function in the human body. It is a

lengthy process, that involves many years of research, studies, and tests. Stem Cell is

currently in a very early stage of development. In the past year, there have been many

scientific discoveries involving embryonic and adult stem cells. Scientists have recently

shown that human embryonic cells can be directed to develop into cells resembling nerve

cells, cardiac muscle cells and insulin producing cells. According to the National Institute

of Health, these are the cells that someday might be used to treat Parkinson’s disease,

heart disease and type A diabetes.

The debate is more of an ethical issue then a scientific problem. People who

oppose of stem cell research do not believe that research should be derived from human

embryos. They believe that the way a child is born, disability or not, it should be a natural

way of life and a natural lifestyle. Although many people suffer from diseases that may

be avoidable by stem cell research, people that are opposed to it stand their position

strongly. Ron Heagy has been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years, after an accident

rendered him as a quadriplegic. He stresses that even if there was a cure for his spinal

injury, he would not take advantage of it because he could never accept its very origin

was from human embryos.

Although there are many opposed to stem cell and its advances in the scientific

field, there are many that stress its importance, saying stem cells could be used to create

new healthy tissue, to replace dead or damaged tissue. The research could result in new

treatments or cures for many of the most debilitating diseases such as ALS,...

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