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Steriods Essay

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  • on March 4, 2011
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Steroids in Sports.

Steroids have always been a major issue in sports. The sport is made up of

athlete which is the most important part to a sport. No player no team plain and simple!

Steroids makes the player much stronger, and faster which makes the sport interesting.

Not in just one sport, but all major sports in America and even the Olympics. For

The Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire homerun race.   Both openly used steroids, and the

two had the greatest homerun dual in the mid 1990’s, which brought in more than eight

million dollars in endorsement, air time, and ticket sales. During that time baseball

pocketed close to one billion dollars more profit than the years prior. Steroids should be

legal, even though steroids have negative side affects the positive side is the marketing

ideas, the money, and the exciment that performance enhancing drugs bring to sports.

  Baseball is the sport with the biggest steroid issue. According to Major League Baseball

one and every six players will or have used some type of steroid but I say why not? It is

their choice. If it makes them a better then player go for it because that’s more homeruns,

strikeout’s, more money coming in to the league, and even new American heros like

the good old days. Players know the risk of taking performance enhancing drugs. The

players are grown men who know right from wrong, and   the risk is either a win or fail.

Most believe that steroids is the only thing keeping them from living their dream, and

making millions of dollars. Most of the big name players have token steroids such as

Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Mark Mcgwire, Jason Giambi, so long and

so forth. Each player has been one of the highest paid, and recognized players during

Each player has been one of the highest paid, and recognized players during their careers.

Without steroids most of these players would have probably never been heard of.

These players knew...

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