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Steroids In Pro Sports Essay

  • Submitted by: yeaboy123
  • on February 27, 2011
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Tom Medico
Eng120: Dr. Knox
April 20, 2010

Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Banned In Professional Sports?

Since the late 1800’s people have been participating in all kinds of sports and athletic competitions. At first the sports themselves were used to pass time or for men, to get some time away from their woman (Golf which stood for Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden). As the years went on sports were not just played for fun, they got competitive, they got tougher to play, and grew to be a hot commodity around the world. Once more people were getting accustomed to the sport, professional leagues started to develop where the best players were given a chance to play with the best of the best and even got a salary for it. The MLB (major league baseball), NFL (national football league) and the NBA (national basketball association) were the beginning leagues that boasted into major franchises that are still around today such as the New York Yankees (MLB), Green Bay Packers (NFL), and the Boston Celtics (NBA). Sports in general became ideal to the growing population in the world and were almost an everyday activity for most males. Thus, more and more people started to play and pass down sports generations after generations all the way till present day. Year after year the players got stronger and more talented and the growing popularity of sports led to a lot of money involved. Players especially in the three main sports discussed before, averaged about one million dollars a year. Even if they played one season, they could be set for a life of glory. Since the stakes became to grow and the demand for performance increased, players would do anything to get that extra “edge” in order to do well and get that huge paycheck. Once performance enhancing drugs were introduced into the sport “world” athletes and the leagues they played in started to be “fixed” or just a game of cheating.
When you think of performance enhancing drugs, the first thing that comes...

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