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Story Of Stuff Essay

  • Submitted by: renegade0865
  • on February 23, 2011
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I enjoyed the video, because it widened my view on how our “stuff” is being produced and disposed of. Anne Leonard’s conversational type of dialogue expressed her thoughts for the viewer to understand easily. The video’s in depth and easy to understand facts made the video more enjoyable. Rather than throw a bunch of facts at the viewer, there are little animations to display what Anne Leonard was talking about. People should learn of what the government and corporations do to make money. The video inspired me to be careful of what I buy and dispose of in the future. My impact on the world is bigger than I had imagined. I learned a lot from Anne Leonard. She understands the problem with our economy and can translate it all into layman terms for us to understand. The fact that our waste are dumped into a landfill when we are done really concerned me. My imagination of how our waste was managed was completely different. I want to make sure I recycle as much as I can to lower my impact on the planet.
Anne Leonard’s circular example of how our lives are really connected with me. I feel that television tries it’s best to keep us buying more and more. I threw out products that were still in good condition. The video made me angry at the corporations and government for promoting this lifestyle. We should promote this video to make more people aware of our impact on the planet. It scared me that we are using so much of the Earth’s resources so fast. There might be a time in the future when our resources run out and we might have to go to other planets to harvest resources.
I learned a lot from the video. The way the video was presented kept me interested and knowledgeable. I understand now why a lot of other countries do not like the United States. The United States uses up a lot of the world’s resources and exploit other countries for their resources. The United States government is not doing its job by protecting the people. The planet has already lost a quarter of...

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