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The Stream I Go a-Fishing In Essay

  • Submitted by: ALCOTE17
  • on December 9, 2008
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Time is a factor which we should rarely rely on. It is just a measurement of minutes hours or days and tells us nothing beyond that. Thoreau describes time as “thin” and “shallow” because it has no substantial meaning. Thoreau tries to explain that a good life is not one that lasts a long time but is one that is lived with the joys and freedoms of a true and happy life. And when you look back at your life time will never be a judging factor because no matter how little or much time you had your actions and choices will all ways remain after the factor of time is eliminated. Time is so tiny in the span of eternity counting the minutes in an eternity is like counting the stars in the universe. Each minute will blend into the whole and you will see your life as one big picture rather than minute by minute.
Like a full and fruitful life, intelligence becomes no greater with time. A new born baby is the most brilliant thing on earth because it has no preconceived notions or thoughts forced into its head by society or institutions or the people around it, it has simply its own brain and has every chance to take into consideration everything it sees with a pure and uncontaminated mind. Intellect or the knowledge of various ideas, opinions, facts or events can be a barrier between your mind and new and unfounded possibilities. With knowledge you begin to doubt and question certain things that do not seem logical or acceptable.
Using our hands, feet, or any other parts of our bodies to make us happy or feel useful is pointless when all you really need is your mind to manipulate a situation or mood you are in for the better. If you have a positive outlook and take everything in strides you do not need to do any physical labor to have success or happiness. With your head, your mind, you can burrow your way into any mystery or problem and always find a way out to the light. If only you can delve deep into your own mind and learn to trust yourself you will find the secret to...

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