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Stress Essay

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James Allen
Psychology as a Social Science (PSYC - 1003 - 2)
A very personal experience that I had when I was around 11 years old was the divorce of my parents. This event in my life caused me a great deal of stress. I remember feeling very alone and depressed for about 6 months. My health suffered also because I stopped eating right and started drinking alcohol. I also stopped going to school and started hanging out in the streets. I felt sick all of the time and started to give up hope. At the time, using alcohol took away a lot of the pain and hurt I was feeling. Of course the stress and pain only went away for a short time, maybe a few hours after which it returned with a vengeance. I eventually realized my life was going nowhere fast and pulled my self- together with the help of some counselors. I stopped drinking, went back to school and started living a normal life again. If I knew then what I know now, I would have talked to someone sooner instead of using different destructive behaviors to numb my pain. This is one of the reasons I want to be a school psychologist or counselor someday. I feel there are a lot of young people who feel trapped or hopeless as I did when I was a child. Maybe I will be able to help them and save their lives just as my own life was saved.
Some of the ways I relieve stress today are taking long walks, going to the park and listening to music. Of course at my age there are very few things that cause me a lot of stress. I guess as a person gets older there just are not that many things that can surprise or bother me. I have learned to go with the flow and let the cards fall where they may.   My favorite saying is “there are only two things to really worry about, either you are sick or you are going to die. If you are sick you will get better or you will die and if you die there is really nothing to worry about.”

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