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Stress Free Essay

  • Submitted by: nunu10
  • on February 24, 2011
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Mariajose Miranda
English105 Mrs. Miles

Stress Free

As I walk in I feel a really cold wind hit my face. As warm tears stream down my cheeks .I can’t believe where I really am. The many smells of perfume hit my nose. As I walk to my seat the floor makes a weird noise, the bench I sit on makes a cracking sound as the light is twitching. As I sit down I realize that her body is right in front of me, and I have nowhere to run and hide, I sit there and think that this is all a dream but when my friend grabs my hand and walks me down to the casket I realize that it is all true. That could wind once again hits my body and I start to shiver and I start to wonder about so many things in life.

Walking back to my seat this weird smell passes me up. I look up and see that people are still coming in to sit down. As I walk on the squeaky floor I sit back in my seat. This warm feeling in my heart for some reason starts to express emotions. While I put my head down I feel my little sister rub my back telling me it will all be okay. As I try to be strong and sit up the smell of weed hits my nose. Highly bothered by it I put my head back down on my lap. As the pastor is yelling “Enough is enough.” In my mind I think really enough is enough. Too much violence going on in this world and my best friend had to be affected by it. At this moment I still could not believe that I was really sitting in a church for a funeral service.

I sit back up and as I look up all I can really see is her face. I get a really warm feeling knowing she is here not physically but spiritually and mentally. Once we get outside the sun is shining down really hard and it was really hot outside, never really has there been a hot day like this in October. As I walk to the car and walk passed a restaurant I smell BBQ chicken her favorite food. As I am getting closer to the car I can see this car playing really loud music that is being dedicated to her. I shake my head because I am so in denial and...

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