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Stress In High School Essay

  • Submitted by: klakin
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Feeling stressed in high school is unavoidable. Anyone who tries to pretend they don't get stressed are lying to themselves. It doesn't just have to be school related. It could be because of a cute guy in your english class, or maybe a big rugby game. For me, the root of my stress always seems to come back to school. I couldn't count the number of nights I've spend tossing and turning, worrying about a test or assignment. The top three causes of my stress are procrastination, pressure, and having too many difficult classes.
At first, procrastination seems like it might not be a bad thing. Not many people enjoy doing homework, and I am certainly no exception. After a hard days work at school, the last thing I want to do is come home and do hours of homework. So I put off doing assignments until the last possible second. As a result, I'm usually left doing these assignments the night before they're due. This leads to a lot of stress because then I'm stuck cramming things together in only a couple hours when I could have had days or weeks to get it done. Having long, homework-filled nights are definitely the worst.
The second cause of my stress is pressure. To me this is the biggest cause of my worries. There are so many things that put pressure on me to do well in school, especially now in my grade twelve year. The first is pressure from myself. I have always been a hard working student who strives to do well and I get upset when I feel like I haven't done my best. Next is pressure from my parents, who know what I'm capable of and are always pushing me to succeed. Finally, I have pressure from the guidance department and my teachers. Since it's the last year of high school, it seems like everyday we are reminded how important our marks are for getting into university. All of these pressures lead to stress because I'm constantly worrying whether or not my parents and teachers will be satisfied with my work, and if I've done good enough to be successful and to get...

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