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Stressors Essay

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This discussion touches on stress, coping with stress, and both the favorable and unfavorable aspects that stress has on the body.   During the past few months, one of the biggest stressors experienced by my family and I was the terrible snow and ice storm that affected the Midwest.   We experienced a loss of power and being that we live four hours from our nearest relative we were forced to live in a hotel for four days until our power was restored.   When we returned home, our pipes had burst which caused extreme water damage throughout our home.   Once again, we were forced into a hotel for another four days.   The overall cost of the repairs, hotel expenses (especially during this recession), and the inconvenience of living out of a suitcase was very stressful for my entire family.

To cope with the stress of being abruptly uprooted from our home (and as well as other stressors), we relied on our faith and prayers.   My wife also uses meditation and yoga techniques by Rodney Yee which I found to be very relaxing and helpful in relieving stress.   I also found that communicating my stressors with my wife helped me (and her) to remain positive about the situation.   Being able to talk about problems or issues was a relief for me because I was able to release my stress and frustrations instead of keeping things bottled up.

About a month ago, I read a newspaper article about a gentleman who was forced into retirement (due to the recession and cutbacks) after working with this company for 17 years.   After being let go, the gentleman went back to the company and he killed himself.   I can only imagine the desperation and stress that he must have experienced.   When companies/businesses cutback or force early retirement on their employees they should offer some sort of stress management or transition assistance.   Even though it may not be cost effective for the company/business to pay for these services, it is beneficial to these employees who are forced into situations...

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