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Student Health Essay

  • Submitted by: axsom7
  • on February 27, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Student Health
High school students learn about the importance of being healthy and eating right in health class every day. Yet when they go to cafeteria for lunch, the selection of food they have to choose from includes all sorts of junk food. What kind of example are we setting for these children when teaching them one thing about healthy eating and then providing them with very unhealthy food to eat?
One argument may be that we are giving them the opportunity to make the right choices about the foods they eat.   I think we should take the choice away from them and only provide them with healthy foods. There are plenty of healthy snacks that will provide them with sweetness they need to satisfy their sweet tooth. Most importantly, they will get the nutrition needed to complete the long school days these kids have these days.
The junk foods the kids have access to right now are full of the empty calories that we teach them in class provide no nutritional value. These empty calories burn off very quickly and could cause the students to become tired and lead to them falling asleep in class. This means fewer students are paying attention in class and more students are not learning the lessons being taught. This causes test scores to be lower, and lower test scores could mean less money from tax dollars. Less money for schools could mean less education for the students.
Another reason we need to help assist in the choices the students can make for their lunch is because of the lengthy school day some students have today. Students that are involved in extra circulatory activities such as sports or band can sometimes be at school for more than twelve hours a day. These students in particular are in need of eating healthy foods for lunch, so they get the nutrition they need to perform in the classroom as well as on the field.
Even though having both healthy foods and junk foods to choose from in the school lunch program today, provides the students with the...

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