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study guide american Pageant Essay

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  • on December 15, 2008
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Republicanism – the citizens' willingness to subordinate their private to the common good.
Whig – a group of British political commentators. Known as radical Whigs. They feared the treat to liberty posed by the arbitrary power of the monarch and his ministers' especially the corruption.
Mercantilism - The British economy was based on mercantilism theories. They believed that wealth is power and that wealth is measured by the amount of gold and silver in the country's treasury. Therefore, they looked at the American colonies as tenants, and expect them to furnish row products to Britain and buy imported manufactured goods only from her.
Committees of correspondence – an organization. The first was formed in Boston during 1772. Their main faction was to spread the spirit of resistance by exchanging letters and thus keep alive opposition to British policy.
Hessians – German soldiers. They were hired by the British for the war.
"Common Sense" – one of the most influential pamphlets ever written. Written by Thomas Paine (an British radical that moved to the America).Was a best seller. He questions why a small island controls the large continent of America.
Loyalists – American people that remained true to the British. Some served in the British army and some were spies for Britain.
The battle of Saratoga 1777 – General Burgoyne began his fateful invasion, while American soldiers started surrounding his force. After a series of sharp engagement the British army was trapped. Burgoyne was forced to surrender his entire command at Saratoga, on October 17, 1777, to the American general Horatio gates.
Treaty of Paris 1783 – by that treaty the British formally recognized the independence of the U.S.A. they granted generous boundaries, and the Americans had to give concessions. Loyalist were not to be persecuted and their property to be returned.


2. 1764 – Sugar Act – first law passed for raising tax revenue. This law...

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