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Sub-Classification Of The Semi-Auxiliaries Essay

  • Submitted by: Pinkybi
  • on December 6, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Sub-Classification Of The Semi-Auxiliaries" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Sub-classification of the Semi-auxiliaries

    The definition of semi-auxiliaries is that a multi-word construction based on an auxiliary verb and having some of the same grammatical characteristics,also known as a semi-modal or a lexical auxiliary. As we can say, among the auxiliary verbs, we distinguish a large number of multi-word verbs, which are called semi-auxiliaries. These are two-or three-word combinations.

    Semi-auxiliaries constitute a category of verbs between auxiliaries proper and main verbs. Some are followed by an infinitive; others by a zero infinitive.Structurally , semi-auxiliaries fall into three types:one type is initiated with the verb be :

|be able to                                 |be about to                   |be apt to                   |be bound to               |
|be due to                                   |be going to                   |be likely to               |be liable to             |
|be meant to                                 |be supposed to                 |be willing to               |be obliged to             |

A second type is initiated with the verb have ( have to) : Have to is the only semi-auxiliary beginning with have rather than be , but its inclusion in this category is partly justified by its occurrence in the full range of nonfinite forms , a respect in which it differs from the semantically parallel have got to; the third type is initiated with the verb seem, chance , happen , appear , etc.   Syntactically,semi-auxiliaries can be divided into two subclasses depending on whether they can be transformed into an "it...that-clause" construction:

1.Those that cannot transformed into"it .. that + clause" is Subclassâ… (be sure to,had better/best,have to,tend to,be certain to,turn out to)

2.Those that can be so transformed is Subclassâ…ˇ(seem to,happen to,appear to,be certain to,be likely to,chance to,turn out to)
    Like other auxiliaries, the semi-auxiliaries occur before main verbs.For example:I'm going...

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