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Sucess In 2 Worlds Essay

  • Submitted by: gibdieiwm79
  • on November 17, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Sucess In 2 Worlds" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What do we mean by 2 worlds?
      Yes you guessed it right! One is surely the one we are livinig in and the other is the one we will visit and live permanantly once we die and are ressurected.
    Now the second question arises: All of us strive so hard for a successful career, which we count as one of the main things for success in this world. But have we ever given a thought to be successful in the permanent world i.e. Hereafter? Rarely does it cross our minds that we are ever going to die. We are so much engrossed with our busy life and making the most of our lives here that hereafter vanishses from our thoughts. The place where we all know an abode called hell is there with fire 70 times more severe than the fire of this world..........So how to save ourself and live peacefully everafter in the most beautiful place Paradise???
  The one and the only way for it is to call out to our Creator and the Creator of the whole universe and the Creator of Hell and Paradise. To Worship this Merciful and Benovelent Creator.The one who showed us how to live in this world and provided all the basic necessities for us like food, water, and air.
He has also provided us the guide and the guiding book which will help us and show us the way to be successful in both the worlds. Many guides have passed and everytime a new edition came. And all are not in exact form as they were given the first time. So the most latest one has come which has nullified all the previous ones...........and what is that guide book?
It the Word of the Creator---the God--- Who has called himself by the Name --Allah and called his Guide book --Quran and His guide --- Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him) (the unlettered prophet)............

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