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Suicide Essay

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Below is an essay on "Suicide" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Suicide, a more common practice in dark arts of ridding ones self from existence. They're bodies usually mortified, or grotesquely done away with. Leaving the end trails to be cleaned by usually a certified group, when it comes to 'important' people. But when left to the average American, they're landlords, family, or other outsourced company must clean the remains of the mess they may have left behind. As it is only the states problem to pick up the body, and not clean up the mess, beyond mere samples and evidence being picked up.
    Millions of Americans are suffering the thoughts of suicide, and thousands perform the action. Hundreds every day get nearer, and nearer to finally ending their so called problems. Many now have picked up the use of a blade, whether razor, or kitchen knife. The alarming rates in self-mutilation has increased since the scene of so called "Emo"s has risen significantly. It may be just a fad, but some take it into stride and completely change for it. Even though cutting, and suicide are not certainly categorized with the new   "Emo" scene the stereotype still plays that into the scene.
    The popularity of "Emo" has seen the mainstream, and is not going to change for a while, increasing suicide levels in the average teenagers. Giving them insight on a new way to rid themselves or their problems. Which maybe a long term boyfriend, and/or girlfriend breaking up, or just that they're parents don't love them enough. Any decent reason may drop them into depression, over a scene that has nothing to do with the whole subject in matter.
    It may come close to home for some, the self-mutilations, or hangings or other methods to get their thought of extreme mortido to pass. The urge to stop the suicidal masses has increased, but hasn't helped more than those already willing to live, either way. In hope, we just wish the best of the families of the lost ones. We see everyday a new death and rising from suicide as the cause. Some have...

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