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suicide Essay

  • Submitted by: vampire_chick_52
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "suicide" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The reason for suicide is something non suicidal people are always questioning when they hear about someone killing themselves for one reason or another, but when looking deep into the minds of those who commit suicide, the picture becomes more clear and it seems as if we can relate to their struggles just on a different level. The reason for child suicide differs from teen suicide which differs from college student suicide because they are all at different stages in their lives and have different problems in front of them that grow as they get older. Most children commit suicide because of issues at home, teenagers because of social issues, and college students because of school issues, each level getting progressively worse and also easier to relate to.
It is hard to imagine the reasons in which children decide to take their own lives, but these reasons could help people, mostly parents, find out what is going on in a child’s mind that would lead them to suicide. One reason a child commits suicide is so they could be with a dead parent or dead pet they were very close to. “Phyllis said that she thought sugar would ‘burn her insides out’ so that she could go to heaven to visit her mother” (Horn 18). The problem with this, however, is that children are too young to realize how permanent death really is and research shows that young children think they could die, visit their loved ones, and come back to Earth like they see in their favorite cartoons. Another reason children commit suicide is to escape their abusive parents or because of the lack of love received from their parents. “15 to 20 percent of the children who take overdoses of drugs are struggling with feelings of not being loved” (Horn 19). Children may also overdose on a household medicine just to scare their parents so much that the parents will start taking better care of them, but they instead end up dead because they took too many pills and could not be saved in time. The final critical reason for...

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