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Suicide Vs The Will To Live Essay

  • Submitted by: sornfloyd
  • on February 23, 2011
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Suicide or Survive

In this paper, I am going to compare and contrast the difference in one’s will to live against the desire to end one’s life through suicide.   Also I will attempt to answer the question; “What occurrence, if any, accomplishes the turning point in a person from survival mode to suicide?   If it’s not an occurrence, however, then what in the person is different from that of someone beating all odds and surviving when death seems to emanate?”
Humans by nature have a certain “will to live”, or “will to survive”.   Innately we will do almost anything, including that which would bring harm to others, in order to further preserve our own lives.   One example can be seen in someone nearing death in the hospital bed, yet miraculously pulls through and continues on with life.   “Every medical practitioner, with any experience of life-threatening illness, knows that the will to live can affect physical as well as psychological well-being, and survival often depends upon the sick person's desire for life, rather than on the doctor's ministrations.” (Greene, 1999)   This drive can very likely give one meaning to life, prolong that life, and bolster the immune system.
You often hear stories of people who defy the odds and survive, whether from illness, physical injury, or even torturous circumstances.   The Chilean miners, for example, were stuck down in that little mine for (at the time) nobody knew how long, yet they were able to maintain the will to survive all throughout and eventually come up alive.   For many the will to survive is actually for others.   A mother might feel an added will to survive in order to care for her family.
Unfortunately, however, people sometimes lose their will to survive.   Although this loss is usually a slow occurrence in the person’s life, it is often so well hidden that it is almost undetectable to other people.   “And then I went to bed and thought that would be it. I remember lying there. The window looked...

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