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The Sum of all Odds Essay

  • Submitted by: echewfwm127
  • on December 3, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "The Sum of all Odds" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There are many ways to come about the absolution of an era. That era is being at whatever point of your life that you may have hopes of using the power of your mental and physical applications. To do this you need desire, ambition, strength, and a firm grasp of everything that may or may not occur. This is the sum of all odds; whether or not you will succeed or fail.
For every pebble you find on the ground it was at one time nothing more than particles. The same applies to boulders, mountains, planets, and the infinite mysterious of the universe. Like these natural occurrences it is also natural for mankind in and of themselves to burn with the need for self satisfaction. One should not ever seek instant gratification but linger in the process of achievement and only reward yourself if all odds were against you and this was the reason for failure. There will always be boundaries, barriers, and insurmountable inconveniences that a person will either defy, or overcome, or will be overthrown by.
Life is about choice and understanding, a system of give and take that we must learn to acknowledge or you may never prevail. Everything has a certain order and all forms of wishy-washy acceptance will not be tolerated for very long, so it would behoove of you to concede to the marketable expectations within yourself and come out raging like a cannon ball full of dominating spirit. Survival is the key, longevity is admirable, and influence by the nature of wisdom provides the infrastructure to future generations of regulated successes.
In a perfect world, in my perfect world the idea of individualistic pursuit of happiness to create a selfless institute that is an encompassed proximity equal to the wondrous and all knowing talent of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. But since this world is not perfect my ideals mean less than nothing to the majority that are not directly involved within my realm of existence. So the illusory tangent of control is also a factor that...

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