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Summary And Rhetorical

  • Submitted by: rborel05
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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Ryan Borel
Freshman Comp-Res, Anly & Documentation
Professor Cameron


On the website NFL.com, an article was published discussing the argument between players and owners on whether or not the NFL regular season should be extended from the usual sixteen games to an even longer eighteen games. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already proclaimed that the NFL reserves the right to do such as that is part of the current labor agreement that is set to expire in March. This has many NFL players concerned as the regular season games could lose their significance if it is increased from 16 games to 18 and as well as overall concern for their health. The length of an NFL season takes a tremendous toll on a player’s body and with a league that is already cracking down on player safety, this would be an issue.   Also adding to insult the owners in the NFL also want to reduce the amount of revenue players receive in their contracts which in turn has most players asking, why should I take a pay cut when I am expected to put my body on the line for two more additional games?   Chicago Bears tight end Desmond Clack suggested that instead of having the usual four preseason games that instead the preseason should be shortened to two games and the regular season should continue as sixteen games due to the effect of the season on a player’s body. “When you get to December, you feel like walking zombies. You can’t feel your joints.” (Associated Press,paragraph16) .During a particularly violent Sunday on October during the last NFL season, the league began to crackdown on player safety particularly hits that involved the player leading with the head and making head to head contact on a tackle. The league began to fine players to deter them from carrying out such hits saying it was in interest of player safety. Still players cannot figure out why the NFL is trying to increase the length of the season if they are so concerned with player safety.   The NFL...

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