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Summary And Critique Of An Article

  • Submitted by: brandi2020
  • on December 4, 2008
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This article is about the importance of Wildlife Forensics.   Wildlife Forensics helped identify a person who nailed a spotted owl to a tree with a note attached to it saying “If you think your parks and wilderness don’t have enough of these, plant this one”.   Along with the owl the agents gathered two beer cans a Band-Aid, the nail used to nail the owl to the tree, a match and the note.   Because of wildlife forensics they determined that the bird had been shot and frozen for weeks before it was nailed to the tree.   The man was never charged.   It is harder to get a conviction than it is to get enough evidence to think you know who did it.

  Years ago forensics for wildlife wasn’t even heard of.   All the technology was used to solve crimes regarding humans.   Now the wildlife forensics lab in Ashland brings some of the most sophisticated tools to the investigations, making it the only lab of its kind in the world.   This lab has made a big step in wildlife biology, developing protocols for identifying species and developing the analysis for animal DNA.

  Before wildlife agents would have to actually catch someone committing a crime against wildlife, but now they can collect evidence and analyze it at their lab.

  The article also goes on to say how wildlife forensics helped in specific cases like one where a wolf that the relocation program released back into the wild, was shot, and another case where a grizzly bear with her cubs was shot, and the man said that the bear was coming at him, but evidence showed that he shot the bear in the back.   The man was fined and he also had to pay restitution for the cubs.  


  I think that the writer did a good job of explaining the benefits of wildlife forensics in this article.   The few paragraphs about the spotted owl were well written, but a few details that I feel would have been important to the reader were; who was the man that they determined killed the owl and nailed it to...

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