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Summary of How Thor Found his Hammer

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The frost- giants loved fall and winter, because that’s when they covered the whole world with frost.   But when spring came, Thor would come too, driving away the giants with his hammer back to their home in Jotunheim, letting the sun shine through and warm up the land.
One morning Thor woke up to see that his beloved hammer was missing. He searched everywhere, but it could not be found. He called reliable Loke to help him figure where it could be, and instantly the frost -giant, Thrym came to him mind.   Loke borrowed Freyja’s falcon-guise, and flew to Jotunheim to see where the frost-giants had hidden it. Thrym said that no one could have the hammer   unti lhe was given Freyja as   a wife.
Loke flew back to Thor and told him the news. Thor told Freyja to put on a wedding dress because she was to marry Thyrm, but she refused. Thor held a meeting with the other gods to divise another plan. After much talk, they agreed that Thor would dress up as Freyja to wed Thrym, and Loke would dress as a servant. The wedding day arrived, and the “bride” went to the giant’s court in a blazing chariot and was seated by Thrym to eat the wedding meal. Thrym was a little suspicious of “her” large appetite and “her” sharp eyes, but he was satisfied, so he fetched the hammer and set it in the bride’s lap. Thor leaped up, tore off his disguise, killed everyone, and escaped with Loke back to Asgard.

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