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Supermax Prison Essay

  • Submitted by: djgill
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: History
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SuperMax Prison

The question is “are supermax prisons doing what they were intended to do?” My answer will be No. Just like other prison it is a lack of supervision to me.   Supermax meant to be a prison to keep closer eye on the inmates. They know what the prisoner in prison for. The supermax is not tough like they use to. It seen like no one is supervisor over them. The inmates feel that they can do what they want to do. That is why the drug dealer still selling drugs while they are in prison.

One of the article can prove my point that supermax not doing what they are doing “So is Castro, who was convicted in another drug conspiracy case more than a decade ago. The latest federal indictment says he used coded letters, phone calls and his girlfriend's help to get messages out of SuperMax and that he supervised the collection of kickbacks on drug sales in his gang's territory just west of downtown Los Angeles.”(CNN News: SuperMax prison is super lax, court cases allege). And another one “A report by the Justice Department's inspector general found the Bureau of Prisons "is unable to effectively monitor the mail of terrorist and other high-risk inmates in order to detect and prevent terrorism and criminal activities." .(CNN News: SuperMax prison is super lax, court cases allege). There are must more but those are the worse that I see at the moment.

They can improve their work by proving their supervision. It needs to be more watchful people at the prison. Inmates are pretty much like a child; you always have to watch them. If you don’t watch them then you will see them escape from prison or see them dealing drug while they are in prison.   Prison deters repeat offenders, which is a pro of prison. Some ex-cons will attempt to follow the law as closely as possible to avoid returning to prison. In this case, the prison system is effective in rehabilitating prisoners and creating responsible citizens. Some ex-cons who made honest mistakes can learn which...

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