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Supervisors: Skills And Knowledge Essay

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Supervisors:   Skills and Knowledge
    Can skills and knowledge alone make a good supervisor?   Maybe.   Some people may compare supervising to parenting.   Both of these jobs are important, but few people are adequately prepared or trained to do them.   Being a good supervisor is too important to be left to chance.   Supervisors need certain skills and knowledge such as how to communicate effectively, improve productivity, and improve employee relations.
    First, a good supervisor should demonstrate excellent communication skills to his or employees.   Employees should be constantly informed about changes in job processes, duties, and assignments.   Supervisors should be able to speak their instructions clearly, so that they are well understood in order to avoid mistakes.   They also need to listen carefully to what employees tell them.   Listening will help supervisors gain knowledge of the people they are responsible for.   Communication can be the greatest and most effective tool a supervisor can possess.
    Next, a good supervisor should understand how to improve productivity.   They do not just watch over employees as they do their job, but they motivate them to do a superior job.   Supervisors should create a working environment in which everyone feels like they are part of a team.   Relationships are the key to productivity, and a poor relationship between a supervisor and an employee spells trouble.   When there is a team mentality employees are more likely to do their best.   To further improve productivity, a supervisor should have the ability to delegate tasks appropriately.   He or she should know how to delegate job duties in a way that achieves maximum performance and highlights employee strengths rather than weaknesses.   Supervisors should be mindful of how much work they are delegating and do not forget to encourage and compliment their employees for their efforts.
    Last, a good supervisor should know how to improve employee relations....

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