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survey results for developing relaionships Essay

  • Submitted by: strykerchic
  • on December 8, 2008
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Below is an essay on "survey results for developing relaionships" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I participated in a survey by Dina Dosmukhambetova from Cardiff University. The

Purpose for this study is to gage the emotional reactions one makes when first befriending a

same-sex person and/or gegin dating a person of the opposite sex romantically and how one

projects those emotions in a nonverbal way.

As the subject of this study I was first asked to answer typical background questions

(gender, age, education level). I was then given different scenarios to visualize ranging from

scratching someone’s car after a couple of glasses of wine at dinner to your roommate showing

her leg to you in front of your date when asking to borrow a razor. After the scenarios were

presented I was asked to mark my reactions from on a scale of not being very effected to being

very effected in emotions of anger, amusement, distress, and embarrassment. Secondly I was

give pictures of five different facial expressions which I also had to classify as to what my

reaction would look like after each scenario described.

The prediction of this survey is to prove one would give nonverbal emotional projections

to make themselves more desirable to potential romantic partners, unconsciously, to make them

seem more desirable. This happens more so than when forming same-sex friendships.   The goal

of using this type of experiment is to predict how a person will react when confronted with

situations of morality and jealousy. Will they more likely be embarrassed, find humor in what

has happened, become angry or sad?

Overall I believe that this survey is a good form of research study as long as the

psychologists are receiving answers from a variety of samples.   Using information from only one

group of individuals may result in bias outcomes and inaccurate conclusions as this may not

reflect   how the average person reacts. Also, the drawback of using this type of study is that

participates may not always be...

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