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Tattoos and Why People Get Them Essay

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Tattoos and Why People Get Them

All tattoos tell a story. There has to be some kind of emotion behind the tattoo or they are not a real tattoo. A tattoo tells people what you are and what you believe in.

Ever since the beginning of time we have thought of many ways to express our emotions and individualism. We express our beliefs, our ideals, our passions and our convictions. Tattooing is one of the methods we have used to express our humanity, compassion and hatred to the world. How each person chooses to express these things is unique to the set of circumstances behind the expression. There is a great symbolism and importance of tattoos. Tattoos have been a cultural relevance in history, religion, and art.

Even though tattoos are not always readily accepted by some people in today’s society, they have always been a means to express ones love for art. Tradition and cultural meaning are not the only reasons people receive tattoos. Often times it is the allure of the exotic and outrageous that drives one to the limits of the unknown. Tattoos should be accepted due to their significance in certain cultural traditions. They also have some historical meaning. “Do English teachers do things like this? You’ll find they do. You’ll find tattoos in accounting and lawyers and every straight-up job. It isn’t just alternative people.” (Finlo Rohrer) 2007

Humanity has decorated their bodies with tattoos for many centuries. In the beginning mostly men received tattoos. In this age you see men and women of all ages, races, religions and social groups with tattoos. The once taboo subject is no longer as unaccepted as in past decades. Nowadays more and more people are sporting tattoos with fewer people looking down on them.
"I still haven't officially told my parents and I got it in 1996, 11 years ago. It was sort of
rebellious but not really because I could cover it up and no-one would have seen.
"I just wanted to mark myself out, put something on myself that...

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