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Teacher Essay

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Terrell McAfee
December 10, 2009
American Government- Federal

Politics, It’s What YOU Make It

“Change we can believe in!” This saying was the slogan that was used during President Barrack Obama’s election time; he was advocating for justice, hope, improvements on how the government was run, and improvements on helping America become a “fair” place. Barrack has the goals of change taking place in our societies and so do I, but to make these goals happen, what is it that we as American citizens need to do? The “people” have so much influence on the way things are run in our government but we fail to realize it, we complain about needed and wanted change but we do not know where to begin. James Allen said in his book, As A Man Thinketh, “Men are so anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves, therefore they remain bound.” People need to realize that the change begins in US! We sit back and vote certain people in power because what they say “sounds good,” we have to realize that it is deeper than that, we need to develop our own independent way of thinking, then we will be able to make the necessary changes, that we so often talk about, need to be handled. I agree that no one else has made these points more clearer than Plato, John Stewart Mill, John Locke, Machiavelli, and James Allen; each discuss justice, politics, behavior, and initiative so that with these tools a political institution can be justifiably modified to improve itself.
In order for the American citizens to receive that which needs to be changed, we have to understand exactly how politics work, meaning, we need to have knowledge about the way things in the government works and how to evaluate them. The most important act in preparing oneself for sound evaluation in politics is clarification of the standards to be used in making judgments. Often the standards applied contain the judgment within itself. For example, a standard that emphasizes maintaining...

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