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A Teacher Headscraf Essay

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Running head: A Teacher’s Headscarf

A Teacher’s Headscarf

In June of 2002 Ms. Lundlin completed her requirements to become a school teacher.   Throughout her struggle of success she wanted to lay the groundwork for future immigrants.

At age 14 coming from Germany, Lundlin was an Afghan born Muslim, vigriously pursued the education system, got married to a German Fellow   and earned, at 24, the credentials to teach in the country's public schools. She was even qualified to teach the German language.   The education officials from the Southern German State of Baden-Wurttemburg prohibited Ms.Ludlin from taking a public job because she wears a head scarf, contended that he head scarf could have a negative religious influence on school children.   Ludlin received her qualifications from the State of Baden-Wurttemberg.
    Ms. Ludlin sued the education officials.   After being rejected by three lower courts, the case is before the Constitutuional Court in Karlsruhe, Germany’s highest court.   The dispute has separated public opionon and is now a touchstone for anxieties about the country’s growing Islamic minority.   A case like this could affect German intergration policy for years to come."The head scarf has become a symbol for the issue of what role Islam can have in Germany,"
      Ms. Ludin's high court challenge hinges on the extent to which freedom of belief and equal right to public employment do not interfere with the concept of a secular state. Ms. Ludin contends that her head scarf is a matter of personal preference and has no bearing on her ability to teach. Baden-Württemberg's education minister, Annette Schaven, contends that Ms. Ludin's head scarf violates "the strict neutrality of public schools in religious issues.
" In denying Ms. Ludin a job in 1998, the minister argued that a head scarf was "understood as a symbol of the exclusion of woman from civil and cultural society."
Some conservatives and many others...

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