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Team Dynamics And Bonding Essay

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Factors affecting motivation and creativity within the two teams and how were these effects playing out?
From the daily diary data and the Work Preference Inventory (WPI), we can make some observations. There is not much difference between the Lumen and absorb teams in the inherent tendency to be intrinsically motivated. Rather, the difference in performance between the Lumen and absorb teams is due to issues in the work environment. The motivation and creativity of the Lumen and absorb teams is shaped by the leadership styles of the team leaders. By employing Frey’s concept of distributive and procedural justice, it is clear that the Lumen team members were very intrinsically motivated.

Lumen’s leader, Max, had informally worked on the project earlier and was eager to formally continue it. His strong commitment to the project inspires similar feelings among the team members. Max invites suggestions from the team and acknowledges individual contribution as he did with the patent application. He builds trust by incorporating diverse input from team members and referring to them. The resulting psychological safety allows team members to express and accept disagreement about some aspects of the customer visit. Task conflicts such as these lead to creative abrasion in the team. Max positively influences the team in several ways. His expertise in the project gives him authority. By consistently responding promptly to emails and voice mails, he maintains good communication. Furthermore, Max’s overall likeability causes the Lumen team to respond with reciprocity. Max involves team members in dividing responsibilities and in decision making, thus reaching representative decisions. He helps team members with suggestions, shares information about both technical and current issues and is expressive with his praise for the team’s work. The team in turn admires his determination and courage for requesting additional personnel during downsizing. Overall, Max comes across as...

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