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Technical writing Essay

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Technical writing is the key to being successful in the corporate environment. I believe good technical writers will need to have interpersonal communication skills that will allow their message to be conveyed correctly. Every day communication in a corporate environment requires the ability to communicate effectively through the use of technical forms. One of the most commonly used forms of technical writing to communicate in today’s digitized world is email. Corporations use email to communicate on a daily basis. Good communication skills are as important when writing emails as any other technical document. It is important to address the audience in a manner that will convey the message in the correct tone. It is important to pay attention to the structure of the email in order to keep the message uniform. It is also important to pay attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage.
Another form of writing that is used frequently in the corporate environment are reports. Technical reports are an important part of business. There are many reports that must be written in order to communicate between the hierarchies of the corporation. Reports that are written vaguely and lack good technical writing skills will not serve as a report that can effectively benefit the corporation. Reports need to be written in a manner that will allow analysis of the quality of work being performed.
There are forms of technical writing in the corporate environment that are used to communicate messages to people outside the corporation as well. One of the forms   used to communicate to a customer would be a user manual. It would be important when writing a user manual to convey the message to audience that   will need to know what to do with the product it accompanies. It would be important to write clearly and concisely and pay attention to grammar punctuation and spelling

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