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Technology Essay

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Below is an essay on "Technology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Technology brings us more and more products which some people deem to be just a little short from miraculous. You can talk to a family member miles away from where you are in real time rather than wait 5 days for a snail mail to arrive and another 5 days for him to write back. You can see the latest picture of your newborn granddaughter who lives in another continent just minutes after it was taken.

You can cruise a city you have never been before and not worry about getting lost, thanks to GPS technology installed in your car. You don't have to worry about ever losing your cat again thanks to the chip inserted inside her that lets you track her movement anytime.

Technology is amazing when you are using it right. Nevertheless, the ease and time saving feature technology present us do have some negative impacts.

Technology was first developed to make life easier. As things turned out, developing technology can be easy, especially with rich people interested and investing a lot of money. Plenty of daily life shortcuts are scrutinized, explored and adapted into a particular gadget. These kind of gadgets are popular and of course, more are produced for the sake of more profit.

As a result however, life becomes easier and easier and technology turns people lazier. From remote control making potato couches out of us to dishwasher, automatic garage door, lawnmower and sprinkler system. There is even automatic cat food dispenser these days! Pretty soon there will be an automated microwave cum cooker that will ring your lunch, open itself and swing a plate right in front of your napping self at the living room sofa.

Everything Instant
With everything in real time now on the Internet, we are no longer used to waiting around for things. News are delivered to us the instant it happens half way around the globe thanks to Twitter. Latest depressing photos from last night's high school reunion will already be on Facebook in the morning, complete...

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