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Technology Age Essay

  • Submitted by: keelestr
  • on February 23, 2011
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Which Format is Right for Me?
When we look at the current prospects of the DVD world we see a multitude of different formats for various purposes, everything from recordable to rewritable. The DVD has become so common that most people forget how far it has come from its revolutionary introduction to its future prospects in the integration of media. It seems so long ago, 15 years or so, that the DVD came into existence thanks to technology leaders Sony and Phillips; the first look Americans got at the technology came around 1997 when we saw the advent of DVD players taking the place of the VHS player and the rare laser disc. It has been a far journey for the DVD, today we see so many people who are fully immersed in the world of DVD and yet it is soon going to be replaced by the future of media, Blu-ray technology, which is going to make the DVD look like VHS. With the advent of the DVD came different formats for different purposes, today a DVD can do more than most people would have ever imagined when it was first introduced onto the scene as the future of multimedia.
The first format that we delve into is the world of DVD-R, the main DVD format in the wide umbrella of the DVD world. The DVD-R format is the format that most DVD media is distributed in, and is readable by most DVD-ROM players. The format was developed by Pioneer in 1997, and has the storage capacity of 4.71GB which is significantly larger than its predecessor CD-R which only held around 700MB. It is one of three industry competing industry standards, which also includes DVD+R (W) and DVD-RAM. The DVD-R has been in competition with the other two formats to become the industry standard, which lead to the advent of the hybrid drives capable of reading all three industry formats. DVD-R is created by two polycarbonate discs bonded together; one side is the laser guiding side which coated with recording dye and either a silver or gold reflector, and the other side is a fake disc to help protect data...

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