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Technology As a Servent To Society Essay

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Technology as a Servant to Society

Humans have steadily become increasingly more dependent on technology, as its use and development has skyrocketed over the past thirty years. Computers, cellphones, and medical machines have been thought to be the most valuable; Western society has developed these instruments so adequately that they now serve as everyday servants. These machines ease not only with the task at hand, yet more broadly facilitate general learning and communication. The amount of knowledge held amongst people to allow such advancements to occur is astonishing. The ability to combine knowledge with that of others is a significant tool; without it, there would be little societal progress.

Technology gives humans the ability to improve learning, communication, and work ethic. For example, imagine a world where students studied without the Internet. Granted, they would have a textbook, but access to external material, peer opinions, and many other sources of information would be limited. New advancements are continually arising that allow not only students but also everyday citizens to have access to information that was once though impossible. Communication has also simplified with the use of technology. It is now possible to work or learn from one’s couch, while in transit, perhaps even on another continent, and still be connected with the world. The ease of learning combined with a globally smaller society (due to eased communication) has created the perception of virtually limitless advancements in technology.

With such information provided to the world at the tips of one’s fingertips, there truly is no limit to technology and its rapid advancements, yet there is a limit to the educational value technology imposes. Stan Lee wisely states, “[W]ith great power comes great responsibility.” Technology itself could be arguably flawless, yet human beings are most certainly not. There are many faults with its increasingly frivolous use it within...

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