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technology is ruining the wrold Essay

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I not only believe technology is ruling the world but I believe it can ruin and help the world as well. Technology can do good for people if used in the right way or
if used in the wrong way it can do harm as well.
Today in society technology is everywhere. It is in our homes, at our schools and in public places. A person would probably not be able to walk a block or more without seeing at least 3 cell phones. The explosion of cell phones mp3’s and computers is massive. Every year cell phone companies launch at least 15 new phones and gadgets for people to use. And companies like dell and Macintosh are always adding new features to computers. The technology industry is a multi billion dollar market, and it is a worldwide business.
Technology is not always a bad thing, because it can be helpful in numerous ways. For example; in the case of an emergency, to look up information and resources, in hospitals for medical technology, and to keep in touch with family members. But it can also be bad if abused. In Today’s world people abuse technology.   Many people use technology just for recreational purposes. Now in society plenty of people spend too many hours texting, on the computer using, Face book, Aim, Twitter, and my space. Or they spend infinite amounts of time downloading music into there mp3. Recreational technology can be used moderately to email a friend, download a couple tunes, or even chat on aim for a couple minutes. But not all technology is bad. Some forms of technology that has helped the world is medical technology in hospitals , forensic technology in crime scene investigation and criminal justice ,and   industrial technology like electronic highway signs , or G.p.s systems . These forms of technology are not that bad since they save lives , put criminals behind bars , and orient people when confused or lost.
In conclusion whether we want to accept it or not technology is ruling our world. Even though there are two forms of...

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